Football has long served as a staple of American sports culture and a catalyst for essential skills like communication, cooperation and selflessness. It's strengthened through an evolution of development and diversity. Today, the game looks completely different than it did, even a decade ago. With dedicated individuals working to enhance the game's equipment and rules and give players the best opportunity to succeed, the future of football is brighter than ever.

Today’s Tech, Tomorrow’s Players

Architects of Innovation

"Football is evolving, and we want to be there with it every step of the way."

Thad Ide
SVP for Research and Product Development

Analyzing the Data

“Data always wins and data always leads.”

Jennifer Langton
SVP of Health and Safety Innovation

Analyzing the Data

Ahead of the Game

“We take what we learned in the NFL and trickle it down to the high school level to give them the same advantages that today's best athletes have.”

Bob Broderick

The Future of Football

"I love the game of football. I want guys to play as long as they want, and I think any way to help guys play longer and extend their careers and keep guys healthy, I'm all for it.”

Luke Kuechly
Carolina Panthers (2012-2019)

Ways to Play

From flag football to the big leagues and every level in between, football is attracting a bigger audience and bringing out the best in every athlete. Watch the 10-part Webby Award-winning series to see the faces in the game.

high school football remains a life-changing sport.


“Little kids look up to us - they see us playing and they think ‘oh, I want to play on this field someday.’”

High-school football remains

a life-changing sport.

“High school football is one of the great moments. It’s a brotherhood; you never forget it.”

Scott Altenberg
Head Coach
Junipero Serra High School

“We're all one. Once Friday night lights come, you're not tearing us apart.”

Marion Miller Jr.



Flag football has helped evolve the sport, with more opportunities for young girls and boys to get active in the game.

It’s a sense of unity

that we don’t find anywhere else.


Original Content and Series

Playing the Field

'Playing the Field' tells the story of football's role in video games through the years. Featuring ESPN talent and the EA Sports Madden NFL team, this short film series looks at the history, the passion, and the future of football video games, while showing a tight-knit community that shares a common passion for Madden and the sport they love.

Unsung Heroes

‘Unsung Heroes: Football and the Polynesian Athlete’ explores the unique relationship between Polynesians and the game of football. Inspired by the culture's emphasis on family, this short film examines the incredible journey many Polynesians have made from the Islands in search of new opportunity and to celebrate all they have contributed to the country’s most popular sport.


‘Unashamed: Mental Health in College Football’ is a four-part docuseries spotlighting how college football programs are working to emphasize the importance of mental health wellbeing.

Over the last decade, fantasy football has gone from a small, niche game to a multibillion dollar industry. 'The American Fantasy' is a short film that examines the growth and obsession with fantasy football, while capturing the community and enthusiasm for the game that fans share.

The American Fantasy