From tackle to touch, pickup games to the pros – in every backyard, blacktop, homefield and huddle, there is a feeling only football can inspire.

Those who pursue it become stronger through the process, their faces as varied and diverse as the playbooks that guide them. Behind every snap there is a story. Each play has its purpose. The game teaches you things, and even in the smallest victories or the shortest rushes, there are moments worth remembering. These memories last forever and forge friendships across lines of age, gender, background or ability. They inspire your biggest accomplishments and encourage you to make your play.


high school football remains a life-changing sport.


“Little kids look up to us - they see us playing and they think ‘oh, I want to play on this field someday.’”

High-school football remains

a life-changing sport.

“High school football is one of the great moments. It’s a brotherhood; you never forget it.”

Scott Altenberg
Head Coach
Junipero Serra High School

“We're all one. Once Friday night lights come, you're not tearing us apart.”

Marion Miller Jr.



Flag football has helped evolve the sport, with more opportunities for young girls and boys to get active in the game.

It’s a sense of unity

that we don’t find anywhere else.



Playing the Field

'Playing the Field' tells the story of football's role in video games through the years. Featuring ESPN talent and the EA Sports Madden NFL team, this short film series looks at the history, the passion, and the future of football video games, while showing a tight-knit community that shares a common passion for Madden and the sport they love.


Webby Awards Finalist, Sports Video Series; Silver Telly Award, Social Video Series-Media & Entertainment; Bronze Telly Award, Online Series-Webseries: Documentary; Bronze Telly Award, Online Series-Documentary: Series; Bronze Telly Award, Social Video Series-Sports & Leisure.

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes: Football and the Polynesian Athlete explores the unique relationship between Polynesians and the game of football. Inspired by the culture's emphasis on family, this short film examines the incredible journey many Polynesians have made from the Islands in search of new opportunity and to celebrate all they have contributed to the country’s most popular sport.

"We congratulate Future For Football on this outstanding documentary."

The Polynesian Football Hall of Fame

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Unsung Heroes tells the amazing story of the connection between Polynesia and football.

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Official Selection, 2019 Maui Film Festival; 2019 Gold Telly Award Winner, General: Sports; 2019 Gold Telly Award Winner, Documentary; 2019 Silver Telly Award Winner, Media and Entertainment; 2019 Silver Telly Award Winner, Social Video: Sports and Leisure; 2019 Silver Telly Award Winner, Online: Sports; 2019 Silver Telly Award Winner, Documentary: Individual; 2019 People’s Telly Award Winner, Non-Broadcast Production; 2019 Hermes Platinum Award Winner, Documentary


Unashamed: Mental Health in College Football is a four-part docuseries spotlighting how college football programs are working to emphasize the importance of mental health wellbeing.

"Because of Future For Football, the stigma surrounding mental health is being broken down. I’m honored to play a role in it."

Tanner Mangum, BYU Quarterback

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Many know Tanner Mangum for his accomplishments on the football field, but he has also been an advocate and inspiration to many about mental health awareness. His latest venture comes as the centerpiece of a mini-series that dives into football players and mental health.

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2019 Webby Award Honoree, Public Service and Activism; 2019 Sports College Media Awards Honorable Mention, Special Programming; 2019 Silver Telly Award, Documentary Series; 2019 Bronze Telly Award, Social Video: Sports and Leisure; 2019 Bronze Telly Award, General Video: Sports; 2019 Bronze Telly Award, Series: Non-scripted/Documentary; 2019 Hermes Platinum Award Winner, Documentary

The American Fantasy

Over the last decade, fantasy football has gone from a small, niche game to a multibillion dollar industry. 'The American Fantasy' talks about the growth and obsession with fantasy football, while capturing the community and enthusiasm for the game that fans share.